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Stefania and Silvio's tips for your perfect holiday

It has to be said - Garda Trentino is so vast and diverse that it’s always very hard to choose what to do during a holiday in Riva del Garda. No problem though, we know our area like the back of our hands, and we are ready to help you plan every day as best as possible! First of all you should know that our B&B is located in a very convenient position, close to everything: from here you can easily reach on foot or by bike the main beaches in Riva, the best restaurants, the cycleways and even the hiking paths.

Lake and beaches Lake and beaches

Lake and beaches

Getting to Lake Garda on foot or by bicycle from our B&B is quick and easy: the beaches are just over a kilometer away! The two main beaches in Riva del Garda are the Sabbioni and Pini beaches, located right next to each other. The first one alternates areas of grass and gravel, as well as relaxing shaded sections; while Pini beach also includes lawn and gravel areas. In both beaches you’ll also find toilets, showers, bars and restaurants.

The energy of Riva del Garda

Small, yet full of things to do: between the beaches and Monte Brione, Riva del Garda amazes and intrigues, offering different emotions around every corner. Have you already thought about heading to the famous Venetian Bastion with the panoramic lift? Would you like to visit the monumental Hydroelectric Power Plant? Or are you planning to climb the 165 steps of the Apponale tower? There is certainly no shortage of options: don't forget to relax with a drink in one of the village squares, in full Garda style.
The energy of Riva del Garda The energy of Riva del Garda
Recommended restaurants Recommended restaurants

Recommended restaurants

Travelling is also a way to discover authentic flavours and traditional products, and to enjoy something special and different. For this reason, we recommend going for a walk through the streets of the center of Riva del Garda, and having dinner at one of the traditional restaurants between Via Fiume and the town squares. Based on your tastes and needs, don't hesitate to ask Stefania, who will certainly be able to give you the best advice!

MTB holiday

Are you looking for a heroic cycling feat, riding from morning to night on paths winding towards the peaks? Are you looking for intermediate routes, to conquer passes and mountain huts? Or perhaps you would prefer a quiet ride along the lake, perhaps with a few cappuccino and croissant breaks, or even an ice cream? In the surroundings of Riva del Garda there are MTB trails for every skill and preference - we will help you choose the most suitable ones!
MTB holiday MTB holiday
For shopping For shopping

For shopping

Are you thinking of going shopping during your holiday in Garda Trentino? Come and visit the boutiques and shops of the Riva del Garda historic center, where you’ll find big brands, sports clothing and accessories, and naturally local food and wine. There’s more than just the alleys and squares of Riva del Garda: from Torbole to Arco, from Limone to Malcesine, you can find anything you need!

Monte Brione and Trekking

Our B&B is located just beyond the slopes of Monte Brione, the unique hill in Riva del Garda known for its biodiversity and for the Austrian fortresses that once defended the border. Why not discover the beauty of Brione along the classic 6 kilometer trek? This is just one of the many hikes that can be done around Riva: other options are Monte Stivo, Cima Parì, Monte Corno, Santa Barbara, Monte Altissimo, Ponale, the Busatte-Tempesta path and many others. Just ask us, we will be happy to recommend the best!
Monte Brione and Trekking Monte Brione and Trekking